The Best Way to Save Money on Flights

As much as we want to travel like the rich and famous, we have to admit that not many of us have a fortune to spend on traveling. Good thing there are airlines which offer air tickets at very low prices. For your next flight, remember the following tips on how you can find cheap airfares.

Book Midweek

Similar to a grocery store which offers bargains at certain days of the week, airlines also offer deals at around the same days each week. In general, airlines offer seat sales on Tuesdays and Wednesdays because they are the days of the week when booking sales hit rock bottom. Rick Seaney of says that major airlines usually release sales on Monday nights prompting other airlines to compete by announcing their sales the following day.

Compare Airfares Online

The internet has many travel web sites to help you compare airfares across different airlines. Some of these sites include,,,, or They can provide you with a table of ticket fares from various airlines and help you get the best airfare deals. The only downside to these travel sites is that they can’t provide airfares from all airlines, plus the prices they show are usually higher than the airline’s own web site. So for best results, search each travel and airline sites thoroughly.

Sign up For Online Alerts

Airlines have found a great way to keep their customers informed about discounted fares. Sign up for these alerts and you’ll have your money-saving news delivered to you anytime you need it. You may opt for these alerts to be delivered by email or through your Facebook or Twitter accounts.

Be Wary Of Hidden Fees

Nothing’s worse than signing up for a seemingly good deal but is actually full of hidden charges so it turns out to be more expensive than you expect. Hidden fees may include booking fees, checking bags, boarding early, premium seating, or food and drink on flight. Before you book, know all the stuff included in your fares so you know what you are actually paying.

Be a Babysitter on Flight

Nanny in the Clouds is a website where parents can sign up if they need help caring for their kids while on flight. If you have cared for a child before, you can sign up to be a babysitter during your flight. If you’re lucky a parent needing an extra hand might be on the same flight and you literally get paid for travelling.

Bring Your Own Food

Nowadays the food you eat on board could add up to your travel expenses. One way you can save a small fortune is by bringing your own snacks and avoid buying them in the airport or on the plane.