5 Must-Do’s For Any Job Interview

According to a survey, 33% of bosses already know within the first 90 seconds of a job interview whether or not they will hire a candidate. This figure shows how very little time you have to make a really good impression on the hiring manager. Because hiring managers know how important their decision is to the company, they are very keen to even the finest details, such as how uneasy or unprepared the candidate is. So here are some tips so help you prove in such little time why you’re the most qualified for the job.

Read the company’s job posting.

Do this a number of times and consider how you meet their needs. The job you’re applying for might need certain skills which you already have. Think of situations when you demonstrated those skills and recapture those moments during your interview.

Do your homework.

Research the company’s services, products, clients and customers, and competition. Check out their website and go through their most recent press releases. Knowing the company you’re applying for will help you know what vital role you can play in addressing their needs.

Clean your Twitter and Facebook accounts.

In today’s world where almost everybody has a social media account it’s so easy to know and judge whether a person is fit for a certain position or not. Employers know that candidates usually put their best foot forward during interviews so 91% of them look into their social media for any red flags. Statistics also show that a good number of recruiters reject candidates because they find something profane or questionable on their platform. While being careful of what you post is a good advice, you may also try some apps which can help you detect pictures of beer bottles or any bad language from your previous posts.

Dress your best when interviewing.

Kim Zoller of Image Dynamics articulated that a person’s perception of you is mostly based on how you dress. To make a lasting impression, make sure you wear your best interview clothes. If you’re not sure what to wear for an interview, ask the person who scheduled it. Most of all, wear your clothes with confidence. If you feel great about yourself, others will also feel that way towards you.

Think of questions to ask towards the end of the interview.

Most interviewers would give you a chance to ask them things about the company. Grab this opportunity to show your confidence and true passion. You may ask about the current project of the company or how the job you’re applying for fit in the company’s grand scheme. One gutsy question, which Spredfast Product Manager Luke Fernandez often asks interviewers is, “Have I said anything in this interview or given you any other reason to doubt that I am a good fit for the role?” He confessed that in some of his interviews he was given affirmative answers which allowed him to clarify himself and overturned the hiring manager’s initial decision.

Try using the Wunderlist App or Apple Notes to compile your list of questions. These apps will sync over your phone so you can add to the list wherever you go.