Not enough Veterans took advantage of their VA benefits in 2018.

If you’re a Veteran or currently on active duty, you may want to make a quick spot check to ensure you’re receiving the full value of the VA benefits to which you’re entitled. Among the most valuable of these are mortgage benefits which, have a staggering average lifetime value of $42k.*

VA benefits apply to vets who own homes as well as those who do not.
Skim to the benefits that best apply to you.

I am a veteran and DO own a home

2018 Benefits for veterans who already own a home fall into two categories:

  1. I previously purchased WITHOUT getting VA benefits: The good news for those who didn’t tap into their benefits when they bought a home is that they still can. Even better news is that the average savings for those who refinance from a conventional mortgage to a mortgage with VA benefits is a healthy $3,100 a year. Just think about how far an extra $3,100 a year can go.
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  1. I already have a VA mortgage: One of the most powerful features of a VA mortgage is the possibility of easily reducing your existing rate by making a “Streamline Refinance” or IRRRL. This is a simple process that can be completed without an appraisal and without any out-of-pocket expenses. It’s far simpler than the original loan because you don’t need another Certificate of Eligibility. Effectively it’s a scan for lower rates, and if a lower rate is available, a reduction of your payment to that lower rate.
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I am a veteran and DO NOT own a home

The VA has been helping veterans buy homes less expensively since 1944, offering the following tremendous benefits:

  1. 0% down payment: Many people think they can’t buy a home unless they’ve saved tens of thousands for a down payment. While this may be true for most people, it is not true for qualified veterans. Vets can access this program to buy a home with 0% down. With rates as low as they are now, you’ll likely be surprised at how much house you can afford when buying vs. renting.
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  2. Reduced payments and lower interest: The federal government guarantees VA mortgages, allowing approved lenders to offer lower rates. In fact, between rates that average a little under half a point less, and the fact that vets do not have to pay private mortgage insurance, VA loan payments on a $250k mortgage average about $3,100 less than a conventional loan.
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  3. Prequalification: Getting prequalified is the best way to start testing the home buying market. It costs nothing to do it, but lets you know exactly how much house and what benefits you actually qualify for. Plus, touring homes with a prequal letter from a VA lender in your pocket will make sellers sit up and take you more seriously as a potential buyer.
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