Work After Kids – Getting Back Into the Workforce

Work After Kids - Getting Back Into the WorkforceWork After Kids - Getting Back Into the Workforce

Returning to work after a pregnancy or an extended leave can be a daunting task for most women; even a few months out of work can leave with fears that your skills and experience are all gone. The truth is, that a few months off work to focus on the family can be highly beneficial for most moms as this will allow them to develop new skills without forgetting the old ones.

One of the most difficult questions returning mothers will ask themselves is what the right time to return to work? The answer is that there is no “perfect” time to return to work, what works for one person might not work for another and the perfect time to return will come down to that specific person’s preference, which is why there’s never a specific period of time that you should give yourself.

Another concern for returning mothers is the reluctance to take on a full-time position again. At the beginning it is best to take a full time position as this will allow you to quickly reintegrate into the workforce while honing your new skills and reinforcing old ones. Once you’ve established yourself back into the workforce, you’ll be in a position to negotiate for a part-time position if needed. However, don’t be afraid to ask for flexible hours from the beginning if you are not comfortable leaving your kids under the care of a nanny all day.

Once you’ve integrated into the workforce, you’ll need to define your working patterns and your daily routine. At the beginning it might take a bit of time while you adjust to your new life. You might even feel stressed and anxious when defining your new routine, which is why you must think outside the box when it comes to flexible hours and plan ahead for things like picking up your kids from school, homework time and medical needs. Discuss potential working opportunities from home as well as the option to take unpaid time off if any emergencies come up.

Finally, remember that you will need to learn how to balance your personal life with you professional life. If you do not plan carefully one of those two will be affected and you might end up wanting to quit altogether or simply become a full-time mom. With a bit of careful planning you should have no problems balancing these both important aspects of your life.