Steps to Prepare for a Major Career Change

Making the decision to change careers can prove a very difficult ordeal. It is perhaps unhappiness, general discontent or the incentive of an improved financial position that drives people to seek a career change. If you are facing a crossroads at which you need to decide whether staying in your current field is a good decision, then this is perhaps a good time to stop and think about it for a second.
Commit yourself
The worst thing you can do is seek an immediate career change due to a decision taken in the heat of the moment. A career change should be carefully planned and analyzed before the decision is made. A successful career change will be motivated by a need to improve rather than a need to leave your current job. Take the time to analyze whether it is just your boss that you hate or whether it is the job itself. Review whether or not it is feasible and convenient to change your current field and create an action plan that you can use to visualize your objectives and goals.
Money isn’t everything
While money can play a huge role in our motivation to get a new job, it is also worth it to look at how you will be earning your new paycheck; are you going to have to work overtime? Work in hazardous conditions or work within a team while you’re more of a lone wolf? Certain career fields can be very attractive based on the salary and other benefits, but the working conditions should play a huge factor in your decision. Remember that while yes, it is possible that you end up making more money in the long run, you may be sacrificing your happiness or peace of mind for a few dollars more.
Find a mentor
After you’ve analyzed all the possible scenarios, it is possible that you’re still firm on changing careers. If you decide to do so, it is a good idea to find a mentor who can show you the ropes and tell you about the hidden aspects of your new career. Do not ever attempt to change careers alone, as soon as you’ve identified the field you want to switch into, begin developing a new network of contacts and mentors who can help you ease the transition into your new field of work.