The Best Websites to Learn Anything

The legitimacy of the internet as a learning tool continues to grow as plenty of new learning resources sprout on the web every day. If you wish to learn skills, languages or simply educate yourself, consider visiting these websites. Offers an extensive database of how-to guides with pictures and videos submitted by users. This websites offers easy-to-follow tutorials submitted by users that can be voted on and ranked for their features such as clarity, formatting and content. One of the largest learning websites on the internet. Watch thousands of micro lectures on pretty much any topic imaginable raging from anthropology and physics to anatomy and programming. Khan academy courses offer a personalized learning engine that helps people keep track of the courses they have taken and offers as of 2015, over 7000 different videos in a broad range of topics. A wonderful educational website that works together with universities from all over the country to record and upload their courses on the internet in order to make them available to the general public. While all courses offered by coursera are totally free to access. Users can also pay for a premium account which allows them to receive verified certificates that can be use to advance their careers. Topics include computer science, biology, chemistry, mathematics and physics, amongst others. Duolingo is a crowd sourced translation platform that is also a free language learning tool. The way duolingo works is by allowing users to progress through increasingly difficult translation sessions while learning a new language such as Spanish, French, Portuguese and Swedish. Overall, duolingo offers more than 20 language learning options as well as a mobile app. One of the best features of duolingo is that it is completely free to use because it uses a crowd sourced business model. A wonderful learning website that allows users to learn how to code in different languages including Python, PHP, Ruby as well as a few markup languages. The site features interactive tutorials were users of different levels can learn the basics of programming while receiving feedback and badges for completing exercises. The beauty of a website like code academy lies in the fact that it offers almost-instant gratification as the sessions are short but concise and the achievement system they use for completing tutorials offers a great sense of accomplishment that can be shared over social networks.