High-Paying Work-from-Home Jobs

It is somewhat of a myth that working from home does not pay. You might find that there are a lot of well-qualified employees that find remote work that pays well. It is the same position, but you just do not go to the office. The important question is which fields of interest offer high paying jobs where you can work from home? You might think that you know which fields allow remote work. But, you might be surprised by the answer. There are jobs that can offer you $100K+ per year and you can get that money from the comfort of your home. This article will provide various industries that offer high paying work-from-home jobs. But, you will need an education and several years of experience on your resume to achieve that. It all depends on how you look for the jobs and where to look for them.

High Paying Jobs and Working From Home is Possible

It is possible, yes. You can work from home as a remote position and get paid well. (This is not a dream; it is a real possibility). In order to find out, you should know what types of jobs can offer a high position and a high salary. There are many companies that find remote work more beneficial than traditional work. But, other companies find that physical attendance at the office is a form of commitment to your jobs. (What do they know, right?) However, you can find remote work mostly in five fields of interest. These fields include the following:

  • Project/Product Manager
  • Sales and Business Development
  • Software Developer
  • Marketing
  • Computer Security

The aforementioned five categories will allow you to work flexible hours and stay home. Instead of going to work every day, you can stay home and work in your home office and deliver the same workload. PayScale offers the salary range of each job that is listed below. However, not every position in the five fields of work allow remote work. Most positions that do not require physical participation can let you work from home.

Project/Product Manager

Product Manager

As a product manager, you are responsible to handle product development and come up with solutions that come your way. The salary range of a product manager is from $54,000 to $121,000. Your responsibilities will include:

  • Creating strategies, road maps, and defining the features of each product;
  • Analyze and assess market conditions;
  • Communicate with employees of all levels of the company.

Project Operations Manager

As a project operations manager, you will supervise all the operations and plans that are executed for each project. If you want to be a project operations manager, then you might need certification; this includes a PMI or a PMP certificate. You will find that the salary range of a project operations manager is from $47,000 to $107,000. Your role will include:

  • Creating project objectives and timeline of the project lifeline;
  • Organizing the projects and ensuring its implementation process;
  • Tracking project budget and ensuring that the project spends the budget accordingly.

Senior Information Technology Project Manager

As a senior information technology project manager, you will require a range of technical skills and background in Information Technology. The salary range of a senior Information Technology project manager is from $84,000 to $145,000. Additionally, you will need data center management skills and you will need to be able to communicate with multiple departments in your company.

Sales and Business Development 

Business Development Manager

If you are a business development manager, then you will be responsible to develop business plans and manage the accounts.  You will need skills in sales and good communication, since you will be dealing with clients. The salary range of a business development manager is from $44,000 to $121,000. Your role will include:

  • Determine new client sources;
  • Meet sales goals;
  • Selling or pitching a product or a plan to clients

Channel Sales Manager

With the position of channel sales manager, you will handle the process of selling products or services through third party channels. The salary range of a channel sales manager is from $50,000 to $124,000. Your responsibilities will include:

  • Hiring and working with resellers or affiliates;
  • Guaranteeing that the product or service is represented;
  • Resolve any issues that could take place in the order process.

Senior Account Manager

As a senior account manager, you will need to maintain the client accounts and manage the relationship between the client and the company. Additionally, the salary range of a senior account manager is from $49,000 to $110,000. If you are a senior account manager, then you will need to create long-term relationships with clients and communicate with clients. In order to be a senior account manager, you will need ten or more years of experience in the field of interest.

Senior Sales Executive

If you are a senior sales executive, then you will be responsible for identifying future sales opportunities from prospective and current clients.  Furthermore, the salary range of a senior sales executive is from $44,000 to $131,000. You will need to obtain the ability to communicate with the clients and keep the relationship maintained. Your role will include:

  • Selling products and services to clients
  • Maintaining the clients’ relationship with the company
  • Determine areas of improvement in products
  • Prepare reports and monitor the progress of the sales

Software Developer

Front-End Developer

As a front-end developer, you will be responsible for creating HTML, CSS, and JavaScript systems for different websites and applications. You will provide users with the ability to navigate their way through the website and that all the visual components are available. If you want to  be a front-end developer, then you will need back-end or visual design skills.  The salary range of a front-end developer is from $46,000 to $107,000.

Java Developer

If you are a Java developer, then you will need to integrate Java into websites, programs, and applications. This can be done by writing Java-based code for the website to function. The salary range of a Java developer is from $50,000 to $103,000. You will work on both front-end and back-end coding, which means that you need comprehensive knowledge of Java. But, you should keep in mind that Java is the second most common programming language.

Mobile Developer

As a mobile developer, you will be required to create mobile applications for smart devices. If you want to be a mobile developer, then you will need experience in iOs or Android software, along with operating systems. The salary range of a mobile developer is from $49,000 to $112,000. Additionally, you will need to fix bugs and any glitches that occur after the application’s development.


Marketing Communications Director

As the role of a marketing communications director, you need to supervise marketing activities. This includes approving marketing plans, reviewing communication materials, and establishing marketing strategies. The salary range of a marketing communications director is $47,000 to $136,000. You will need analytical skills and leadership skills for this line of work. Additionally, you will need approximately ten or more years of experience.

Marketing Director

If you are a marketing director, then you will be responsible for leading the entire marketing department and reach the marketing goals of the company. But, you should have at least 10 years worth of experience to work as a marketing director.  Additionally, the salary range of a marketing director is $46,000 to $149,000. You role will include:

  • Creating marketing strategies and implementing marketing campaigns;
  • Conducting market research and assessing market trends;
  • Developing marketing plans and objectives.

Senior Product Marketing Manager

As a senior product marketing manager, you will need to assess each product’s market, so that you will be able to expand the consumers of the product. Additionally,  you will need to work on the product’s message, road maps, and even its positioning. If you want to be a senior product marketing manager, then you will need to be able to work with marketing processes and metrics. This will allow you to further understand how to expand the product’s consumer base.

Vice President of Marketing

If you are the vice president of a marketing department, you will definitely get paid well and you can work from home. You will lead and supervise the marketing department of the company, as well as make sure that the department’s marketing strategies are coordinated with the business goals of the company. Additionally, you will set the team’s goals, assess the marketing campaigns, and prepare reports on the progress of the department. The salary range of the vice president of a marketing department is from $84,000 to $202,000.

Computer Security

Cyber Security Analyst

As a cyber security analyst, you will need to protect computer networks and computer systems of the company. You will assess networks and monitor for any security breaches, which is your number one priority. Additionally, you will create plans for any possible security problems that could happen and research IT trends. The salary range of a cyber security analyst is from $51,000 to $117,000.

Privacy Officer

If you are a privacy officer, then you should make sure that companies follow the best privacy practices and procedures.  The salary range of a privacy officer is from $50,000 to $140,000. Additionally, your tasks will include:

  • Performing audits to guarantee the compliance of privacy practices;
  • Conducting risk assessments and reduction strategies;
  • Handling any type of breaches and privacy breaches that come up.

Security Consultant

As a security consultant, you will be responsible for assessing any security threats and developing ways to prevent any security breaches. Also, you will need to create contingency plans, in case a security threat takes place in the company. Another part of your job is to create security policies and discuss security protocols with clients. Furthermore, the salary range of a security consultant is from $56,000 to $134,000, approximately.


In conclusion, as you can see, there are many jobs that pay very well and also offer remote work. It is not an impossible concept, but you will need the skills and the experience to receive this type of position. If you can handle the workload and you will not get distracted at home, then you should consider a remote work position. (Going outside is overrated, anyways). What are you waiting for? Start looking! But, make sure that you look for a job that suits your current situation and that you have the skills for. If you want the perks of staying home and getting paid well, then you will need the skills and experience to back it up.