Careers With the Most Flexible Schedules

Most people who are in the workforce log in 40-hour workweeks with one to three weeks of paid leave throughout the whole year. But, that is not the case for some jobs. Some jobs have less hours, more breaks, and flexible schedules that allow more time off. If you are thinking about pursuing a career that is not so demanding with your time, then you can consider these thirteen careers. But, you should not be fooled. These thirteen careers have the most vacation time, but it requires a lot of effort to get the job done. As much as it sounds fun to get a lot of paid leave, you will need to put your back into it on the days that you do work.

This article will tell you all about the thirteen careers with the most vacation time. Some of these occupations require further education or certificates. So, you should think long and hard before you decide on a career change.

Careers That Have The Most Time Off

It sounds really fun when you hear that there are careers out there that have the most time off. You will not have to constantly deal with the 40-hour workweeks and two-day weekends. But, you should make sure that you are ready for this kind of career change. After all, no job is ever easy. You might find that there are careers that you will thrive in within this list, while others might not be a great fit for you. It is a great perk to have more vacation days, but you should look beyond that. (Unless you are absolutely done with working, you should consider what this occupation will mean for you). Whether you are working as a teacher or a firefighter, you will need to be prepared for the potential change that is up ahead.

But, a person can dream. So, why don’t you imagine yourself as a judge with a gavel, just for today? (Please keep in mind the average salary changes based on more information submitted to The salaries may change! These numbers reflect information from November 27th, 2021)

K-12 School Teachers

The average salary of a teacher on a national level is roughly $24,046 per year. Your job will be handling the preparation and distribution of educational materials to students. You can teach students in elementary, middle school, or high school. This depends on your qualifications. You will create, prepare, and share educational resources to the students of your class. Additionally, you will be responsible for assessing and grading student assignments and participating in professional development workshops. As a teacher, you will need to attend parent-teacher conferences and track all of your student’s progress throughout the school year.

The bright side of a teaching profession is that you will have a shorter workday; you will work about six to seven hours. It depends on the school and your workload. You might work evenings, but that is for a special case. Also, you will get weekends and all holidays of the school off, as well. You could also get two to three months of summer vacation.


The average salary of a pilot on a national level is roughly $72,464 per year. As a pilot, it is your duty to fly and navigate aircraft. But, this depends on your specialty. You could transport people and cargo, provide charter flights, or be responsible for leading rescue missions. If you are a pilot, then you select flight routes and keep track of flight records. You could even perform inspections, too! Fortunately, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has strict regulations on the work hours of a pilot in a week and in a month. You are not allowed to fly over 32 hours in seven consecutive days or 100 in any month. There must be at least eight hours or more of rest between flights. Additionally, you need at least one full 24-hour day off for every seven days.

As much as the FAA cares for their pilots, you will need rest to be able to fly at peak condition. (No one can afford you falling asleep while you are flying a plane).

Fire Fighters

The average salary of a firefighter on a national level is roughly $51,147 per year. As a firefighter, it is your job to offer rescue service for three types. You will be rescuing people, animals, and properties, as part of your service. You will drive emergency vehicles, put out fires in different locations, and help rescue victims. Additionally, there are some fire fighters that could treat injured and ill people. When you are not working with the public, you will be responsible for cleaning and maintaining your equipment, along with conducting training drills. You might find that firefighters work long shifts with different hours and you might work overtime. Typically, you will work 10\14 shifts, where you work 10 hours and have 14 hours off.

Air Traffic Controllers

The average salary of an air traffic controller on a national level is roughly $54,237 per year. Air traffic controls are responsible for directing and screening the developments of aircrafts in-flight and on the ground. They direct traffic on runways, give departure and landing guidelines to pilots, move control of approaching and active flights and ready airport response staff for aircraft emergencies. The FAA has guidelines about the quantity of hours that an air traffic controller can work in seven days. They can’t work more than 10 straight hours during one shift and should have somewhere around 9 hours off between each shift. Air traffic controllers should likewise have about one full 24-hour free day at regular intervals.


The average salary of a librarian on a national level is roughly $54,291 per year. Librarians might have work obligations that depend on their qualifications. You will find that librarians interact with youth and teenagers to provide educational programming, offer assistance on educational materials, and provide them with books and different materials that could interest the students. As for digital librarians, you might find that their job includes taking inventory of new materials, answering technical inquiries concerning PCs and computers, and running technical programming. Reference custodians assist with responding to specific research questions. Most librarians, regardless of their specialty, answer inquiries from visitors and give book and material suggestions in a local area.

Some types of librarians offer more downtime than others. Public curators might have downtime for occasions, bad climate, or upkeep issues. Furthermore, school, college and research librarians might have downtime on weekends, school breaks and in summer vacation.

Law Professors

The average salary of a law professor on a national level is roughly $53,945 per year. Law professors instruct postsecondary students about the legal field and the complexities of the laws in the United States and countries around the world. They prepare course materials like handouts, presentations and schoolwork tasks. They additionally lead class talks and conversations and assign independent tasks for the students. Law professors are responsible for grading tasks and tests, keep up with student participation, and provide office hours for students outside of class. They may likewise perform administrative tasks and lead research in the legal field.

College law professors might have flexible timetables, depending on their status at the university or college. A few professors could choose the number of courses and areas of interest to teach and what times they prefer. They may likewise get weekends, school breaks, occasions and summers off.

School/Educational Institution Psychologists

The average salary of a school psychologist on a national level is roughly $52,133 per year. School psychologists support both students and instructors to provide learning support and illustrations relevant to emotional and social issues. They work to form a better connection between a student’s home life, school and the local area. School psychologists help students with their behavior in the classroom, provide learning motivation for the students, and try to encourage the student to engage more. They may also lead mental evaluations, survey the student’s social and emotional needs, and assess a student’s mental health. School therapists might educate students on harassment of any kind, peer pressure, and conflict resolution.

Since they work in educational environments, school psychologists have the same flexible schedules as teachers and other educational professions.

Dental Hygienist

The average salary of a dental hygienist on a national level is roughly $83,883 per year. As a dental hygienist, you will examine patients of all ages for any symptoms of oral disease. You will also provide preventative care and teach patients what they need to know about oral hygiene. Typically, dental hygienists write reports on a patient’s oral health for dentists or medical insurance agencies. You will need to use specific tools that are used in the dental world. This includes lasers, x-ray machines, and polishing devices. Most of the time, dental hygienists work part time and work a few days per work for several practices.

Speech Language Pathologists

The average salary of a speech language pathologist on a national level is roughly $111,685 per year. As a speech language pathologist, you will work with adults and children of all ages. Your job is to help the development and recovery of a person’s speech, language, or swallowing. You can create customized treatment plans for each person, depending on the issue they face. As a speech language pathologist, you can also counsel families and caregivers on how they can help the person. Most speech language pathologists work in an educational environment and they have the same schedule as teachers. If not in an educational setting, then speech language pathologists normally have a flexible schedule based on appointments.


The average salary of a nurse on a national level is roughly $85,026 per year. The job of a nurse is to help doctors and patients. You can do this by taking health histories, administering tests, and conducting exams. As a nurse, you can check vital signs, draw blood, and conduct other routine procedures. In hospitals, nurses have more responsibilities. Typically, nurses work longer days and longer shifts than in other careers. But, the plus side is that they have more time off. Most of the time, nurses have more flexibility to create their own schedules.

Occupational Therapist

The average salary of an occupational therapist on a national level is roughly $81,857 per year. As an occupational therapist, you will be responsible for treating injured or sick patients and help them through everyday activity. You will review medical histories and assess the patient’s condition to create treatment plans that are tailor-made for each patient. Your job is to provide exercises that will relieve the pain of the patients and treat their conditions with physical therapy. Most occupational therapists work in educational environments, which means that they have similar schedules to teachers. Additionally, they can work with flexible schedules and based on appointments.


The average salary of a judge on a national level in 2021 is roughly $79,923 per year. Judges lead court procedures and decipher the significance and ramifications of the law. They choose if cases have sufficient proof to go to trial or not. Additionally, they appoint public defenders to the people who need them, set bail, and guarantee defendants make pleas on a voluntary basis. Judges can also punish misconduct that takes place inside a court. Since judges are chosen or named government authorities, they are eligible for federal sick leave, administrative leave, paid occasions and time off. Since court dates run on an arrangement based on a schedule, judges may have the flexibility to pick when they work.

Conclusion: Careers With A Lot of Vacation Time Is Not a Myth

Yes, you can work a career that has a lot of down time. But, as you can see, the career paths are not easy ones. There are some jobs that you will need to on-shift for ten or fourteen consecutive hours, while others have the responsibility of shaping the next generation. Most of these jobs require further education and specialization in a particular industry. However, no one can deny the perk of creating their own schedule. So, who knows? If you can do it and you want to, maybe one of these jobs is the right one for you!