The 30 Best Tech Gifts for Everyone on Your Holiday Shopping List

So, the holidays are almost here and it is time to go gift shopping for your loved ones. That can be pretty stressful, especially if you have no idea what to get them. This is probably the worst part of the holidays, but seeing your loved ones light up from the present you got them could be the best part. (And the gingerbread house that you have to make every year, of course). This article will tell you about the 30 best tech gifts that anyone will want to have on their must-buy list. (Oh, happy holidays and good luck with the shopping)!

What Gifts To Buy Your Tech-Fanatics or Your Regular Joes? (It Could Work Either Way)

If you want to buy an awesome gift for your friends and family, then you should look through this list. Find out what they would like and get it for them, wrapped in tinsel and a big ol’ bow. But, do not forget about yourself. Who knows maybe you might find something you want and buy yourself a present, too? Whether you are old-fashioned and plan on going to the mall or shop online, choosing the right gift for your loved ones is crucial.

1. Smart Writing Set

The pen is mightier than the sword, and this smart writing set will help the creative juices flow. This smart writing set will allow you to upload your writing to digital devices and next thing you know, you are a bestselling novelist. (One can only hope, right?)

2. DraftPour Beer Dispenser

Beer tastes better on draft; don’t you agree? This beer dispenser allows you to choose the brew of your choice on tap and you can drink it at home, at your disposal. Think of it as the Fountain of Youth, but with beer.

3. Canvas Light Panel Kit

These light panels are controlled through an application that can show any color you can imagine. You can attach these light panels to the wall and create a modern art piece through the application. Also, it would be great for setting the mood for any environment at home.

4. Oura Ring Generation 3

This ring is a wearable health tracker and an accurate health tracker at that. With the Oura Ring Generation 3, you can track your heart rate, sleeping cycles, and physical activity. Additionally, this will give you insight on your routine and your health. Another perk is that it is not obvious and its subtlety will not ruin your outfit.

5. PlayStation Classic

Not all gifts have to be from this decade; it’s called vintage, darling. You should think about giving your gaming friends a PlayStation Classic. They will definitely love it, especially since the console comes with two video games. The two video games are Resident Evil and Final Fantasy VII.

6. Magnetic Phone Mount with Face Tracking

This phone mount automatically swivels and tracks your movement. If you want to FaceTime with your friends and do the laundry, then you can. You can also use it for working out or watching TikTok videos while you are doing other tasks around your home.

7. Oblio Wireless Charger & UV Cleaner

This Wireless Charger will obviously charge your phone without an outlet. But, this charger will also clean your phone from any dirty particles that your phone tracked throughout the day. Also with the UV Cleaner, you can guarantee that your phone is clean and fully charged for you to use.

8. Tile Mate Essential (Pack of 4)

If your friend is always late because they could not find their keys or their wallet, then you should get them Tile Mate Bluetooth Trackers. All they have to do is tag their wallet or keys and the Tile Mate will track them via Bluetooth.

9. 840 SelectTech Kettlebell

Rather than buying several weights for your friend, you can just buy them the SelectTech Kettlebell. This kettlebell can turn eight pounds to forty pounds of resistance with the turn of a dial. All they need to do is adjust the dial to the weight they want and they can work out as much as they want.

10. Meural Canvas II

This smart frame will make any piece of art look better and more improved. Let’s just say that the digital art will not look so digital with this frame. It will also make family photos look better. If your friend is a fan of digital art, then you should buy them a gift that will make it look better.

11. Bose Frames

Plain old sunglasses are so last season. This is why you should think about buying your loved ones these Bose Frames. These Bose Frames will block the sun from your eyes, but that is not all they do. With these Bose Frames, music can stream through your ears through wireless headphones.

12. Drinkworks Home Bar

Nothing beats making a cocktail at home, unless you do not know how to make a cocktail. But, this home bar will allow you to mix your drinks with its coffee-pod machine. If you are not a bartender, then you will definitely need this home bar.

13. Go Smart Home Safe

If you want to buy your friend a portable safe, then you should get this Go Smart Home Safe. The same size as your wallet, the home safe will keep all these teeny-tiny things safe. This home safe works with a biometric lockbox, so you do not have to worry about someone opening it.

14. Temperature Control Smart Mug 2

Cold coffee can ruin anyone’s mood, so do not drink cold coffee. This smart mug will allow your coffee to stay warm up to one hour and a half. Also, you can adjust your hot drink to suit your preferences. This smart mug can let you alter the settings, depending on your hot drink.

15. MIRROR Basic

This smart mirror will allow your active friends to work out in front of a projected frame. Your friends can follow through with an at-home workout and still look at their form in the mirror’s reflection. This smart mirror will provide different workouts and training that your friend can use.

16. ZUS Smart Vehicle Health Monitor

Not everyone is car-savvy, but you can buy your friends a vehicle health monitor that will understand your car for them. With this Smart Vehicle Health Monitor, you will be able to find out what is wrong and what is right about your car. Do not worry; this easy-to-understand application will help your friends fix their car in no time!

17. The Balmuda Toaster

Gift your carb-loving friends with this Balmuda Toaster. Your friend can enjoy a hot sandwich that is toasted to perfection. With its steam-toasting goodness, sandwiches will only get better and better.

18. OrbitKey Nest

This is not only a wireless charger, but it is a nest of tech accessories. No more careless wires and accessories strewn everywhere, this OrbitKey Nest allows you to charge your phone and keep all of your tech accessories in one place.

19. Spärkel Beverage System

As an alternative to CO2 canisters, your friends can use these single-serve packets that will add the right amount of fizz with the water. Your friends can also infuse the fizzy water with flavours, which is a great countertop soda machine with a healthy twist.

20. Studio Noise-Cancelling Buds

Either way, Beats conquers the headphone market with its cool designs and efficient structure. With its latest model, these noise-cancelling earbuds will allow anyone to drown out the white noise.

21. Harvest 360 Indoor Garden

If your friends fancy an indoor garden, then you should consider buying them this indoor garden plant. This Harvest 360 Indoor Garden can never die with this self-watering, self-lit planter. Your friends will be responsible for making a salad for the next dozen potlucks to come.

22. Mini 2 Drone

These mini drones can stretch, lean, and crouch in any way they want. If your friends still cannot get the shot, then they would love the Mini 2 Drone. The Mini 2 Drone features a 4x zoom and panoramic views. If that is not an incentive to buy them this Drone, then the application that saves and transfers footage will win them over.

23. Outdoor Solar-Powered Color-Changing LED Lantern

This LED Lantern gets its power from the sun rays and barely takes any space. Not to mention that it weighs next to nothing. If your camping friends need some light for their campsite, then this glowing LED lantern will definitely come in handy.

24. mBot Robot Kit

Teach the little ones about the joys of robotics and technology with this mBot Robot Kit. You can never go wrong with a toy Robot.

25. BioLite Fire Pit+

Sitting around a campfire on a chilly night sounds like heaven. This is why you should get your friends who like to play host, a BioLite Fire Pit. With this portable fire pit, your friend can control it with an application and adjust the settings for wood or charcoal burning fires.

26. Self-Sanitizing Water Bottle

Germaphobia is on the rise and this self-sanitizing water bottle will help with that. This germ-killing, odor-fighting water bottle will use the UV-C light in its cap to sterilize the inside of the bottle.  So, it will keep the bottle clean and germ-free all the time.

27. Smart Diffuser Lamp

Nothing ruins the night as much as the wrong lighting. A romantic date could turn to an early night because of the wrong lighting, supposedly. But, this Smart Diffuser Lamp will give you the cozy vibe you need to tuck yourself in with a nice book.

28. Kishi Mobile Game Controller

No one should play games on their phone the wrong way. The right way is to play mobile games with a game controller that eases the strenuous act of swiping. Also, this Kishi Game Controller has an ergonomic control pad that is perfect for serial mobile gamers.

29. Senz V Smart Pour Over Device

Imagine drinking the perfect cup of coffee every day. Now that is not an idea for the far future, you can find it and use it. This Smart Pour Over Device allows coffee drinkers to perfect their ratios, temperatures, and timing. So, you can have the perfect cup of coffee on any given day.

30. Roland TR-6S Rhythm Performer

Beginner or expert, this beat machine understands every kind of producer. If your friend wants to go viral as a TikTok artist or win a Grammy, then this will help them get there. You never know what they could create and you helped them make it happen.


In conclusion, you should definitely go out gift shopping as soon as possible. If you cannot go out to a mall and buy the presents, then you should consider shopping online. You will find all of these gifts online and if you are lucky, then you might find them on-sale. No one appreciates a good sale more than a last-minute shopper. But, you should make sure that you buy something nice for yourself too! With the year we have had, you deserve a nice thing or two.

But, you should try your best to look for a present that suits the needs of the recipient, no matter how tiring it might feel. They will definitely appreciate the thoughtful gesture. If your friend loves playing games on their phone, then you should get them a mobile game controller. On the other hand, if your sister has a fascination with gardening, then you should get a self-sustainable plant that stays alive no matter what. But, above all, have a happy holiday and make sure to make a snow angel or two.