5 Dangerous Foods People Think Are Healthy

Each and every day we are bombarded with information about the kind of food we should eat. Food companies know just how health-conscious today’s generation is. In their effort to hit their target market, they advertise their products to make them appear healthy, even when they aren’t. Food nutritionists and dietitians know that behind the healthy food labels on the supermarket shelves are villains out to sabotage our diet. Many of us have fallen into the trap of eating something we thought were healthy, only to realize later that we’ve been deceived. It’s a tricky business and your only defense is to be a wiser consumer. Start by crossing out the following deceitful food items from your grocery list.


Ready-to-eat Smoothies

So you thought those smoothies sold at your favorite convenience stores are healthy. Think again because experts are saying they are actually higher in calories than your regular cheeseburger. Thanks to their excessive amounts of fruits and vegetables plus syrups and simple sugars, smoothies can contain as much as 1000 calories.


Dried fruits

A cup of dried fruits can have more than 100 calories. It’s easy to consume more of them without you noticing. You’re at an advantage if you eat fresh fruit. Because they’re lower in calories, you can actually eat more.


Protein Bars

Protein bars can be nothing but candy bars hiding under the guise of vitamins and protein. Although some are advertised as a healthy snack replacement, there are several that actually have more carbs and fat than a chocolate brownie. If you’re trying to get back into the slimmer you, an apple or some strings of cheese might be the better option for you.


Fat-Free Salad Dressing

Two tablespoons of this supposedly fat-free salad dressing have as much as 500 mg of sodium, which is one/third of the amount you should consume in a day. If you’re prone to high blood pressure, you’ll be much healthier without this junk. Instead, follow the health experts’ advice by making your own low-sodium dressing using lemon juice, balsamic vinegar, pepper, mustard seed, and turmeric.


Fruit Juices

These are nothing but fruits without fiber. Worse, they’re simply sugar which is out to raise your blood sugar level. If you’re thirsty and you want something really healthy, grab some vegetable juice instead. Or make your own smoothies, which are much better because they’re high in fiber.


Thanks to Machiavellian marketing, the list of commonly confused food items is getting longer each day. But to avoid falling into this trap, mark the foods mentioned above as well those others which are advertised as healthy but aren’t. Also, always take health blogs with a grain of salt. Do your homework and search for the opinions of the experts. Finally, start making your own list of healthy food choices to include in your diet.