Why Vets Make Great Employees

Looking for a great employee that is self-motivated, disciplined and loyal? Why not hire a veteran? Veterans are disciplined team players that bring plenty of experience, leadership and skills to the table of any employer. Hiring veterans is not only socially responsible, but also a great business decision that can get you a lot of tax breaks and other benefits.

Veterans have the proven ability to quickly learn new skills and to take on new tasks, additionally then can easily integrate into your work team with plenty of real-life skills that are easily transferable to the corporate world and that can help your business in real-life situations. The specialized training and discipline that veterans develop in the military also helps them lead people by example since they understand the complex dynamics of leadership and chain of command.

Another aspect that makes veterans great employees is the fact that they know how to deal with adversity and they have the proven ability to overcome roadblocks through motivation, discipline and teamwork while adhering to the ideals of integrity, sincerity and productivity.

Since veterans will come from a culture focused on accomplishing missions and with such a strong focus on teamwork makes veterans focused, driven individuals who take their responsibilities seriously as they have face challenges that regular employees will likely never face; lives can be lost in the blink of an eye and since they have been trained to make good decisions in fractions of a second, this skill gives them an edge over regular employees in the corporate world.

But as we mentioned before, hiring vets should not be considered as social charity; hiring vets is also a very smart business decision that can help your company reap the benefits of federal tax breaks. The “VOW to Hire Heroes Act of 2011” which was passed on November of that year, provides an expanded tax credit to companies that hire eligible veterans who are currently unemployed. While the actual amount companies get varies in a case-to-case basis, the credit can be as high as $10,000 depending on the line of work, actual hours worked and disabilities.

Overall, hiring veterans will not only ensure that the people who worked so hard for our country have a secure, bright future. It is also a fantastic business opportunity for employers to have experienced, disciplined and loyal employees join their ranks while reaping the benefits of federal tax breaks and credits. While there are some fears associated with hiring vets, such as fear of them deploying again or fear that they will be unable to assimilate and make the transition from a military unit into the corporate world, these fears are simply not well-founded. Veterans understand how genuine teamwork grows out of responsibility and the impact they can make into their communities, their families and their place of employment as they continue to grow into efficient workers who know how to perform well under pressure and who excel at achieving objectives.