These Simple Tricks Improve Memory and Focus

Improving your memory and focus can bring great benefits to your everyday life and can be done quickly and with a little bit of effort. While most of us think of memory as something that cannot be altered, memory and focus can be improved just like any other mental skill. Use these following tricks to improve your memory and focus and reap the benefits of a powerful mind today!

Repetition. Repetition. Repetition.

Believe it or not, one of the simplest and most effective ways to improve your memory is by means of repetition. We all know that constant weight lifting can help our muscles grow. Memory works in a similar way, when we repeat things over and over again; our memory finds new ways to store information. Try memorizing phone numbers instead of using the speed dial or maybe memorize your favorite TV channels instead of using the guide. Keep in mind though that cramming your brain with new information in a short period of time may end up being counter-productive. Instead, repeat the same information over and over for a longer period of time.

Practice Meditation

Meditation is quite possibly the most effective tool when it comes to improving your focus. You don’t have to spend hours every day meditating in a dark, quiet room in order to reap the many benefits of meditation. You can start out by simply focusing on your breathing and the air your breath as it enters your nostrils and lips, inhale and exhale slowly as you think about how this makes you feel and notice the increased sense of peace as you repeat this for a few minutes. Taking short meditation breaks like these will increase your focus and productivity as you take control of your sense and prepare yourself for the tasks at hand.

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Learn How to Organize Information

Think about how we learn basic information as we go through life. When someone tells you their email address, you don’t break it down into individual characters, do you? You learn the 2 important pieces of information; the name and the domain. We do the same thing with phone numbers; we learn an area code, the 3-digit prefix and the actual phone number instead of learning the 10 individual numbers. Try to use the same method when learning new information. While it would be incorrect to assume there’s a perfect learning method for everyone, breaking down information into easily learnable chunks has proven to be a very effective learning method.

Feed your brain

Nutrition plays a huge role in brain health and concentration. Start your day off right by making sure you get a balanced breakfast that includes plenty of good fats, complex carbohydrates and a good dose of protein. Something as simple as rolled oats with nuts with a glass of milk can provide enough nutrients for your brain to kick start itself in the morning. Avoid caffeine and trans fats in the morning and make sure you take a multivitamin pill to cover all bases.

Here are several foods you should be eating regularly.