Top Websites Every Small Business Owner Should Know About

Top Websites Every Small Business Owner Should Know AboutTop Websites Every Small Business Owner Should Know About

The goal of every business owner is to constantly grow his business. This is whether you work on your own with no other employees or a decently sized small business with a few employees, there are several websites out there that can help your business grow with little or no investment. As a business owner it is of great importance that you stay on top of online trends and social media advertising which is why you should consider using these websites if you are not using them already.


Reddit is a social news website where users vote user-submitted stories to the top of the front page. The website gets over 120 million unique users per month and there are several subcomunites built around pretty much any imaginable topic. While reddit can be a tough nut to crack for the average advertiser, the benefits of free traffic to your site for a very low price are simply irresistible. Keep in mind though, that reddit is a very cohesive community and a misguided campaign can quickly turn into disaster for you and your company. Thread carefully and make sure to get ask for an expert for advice if you wish to advertise on reddit as it is a very sharp double-edged sword.


Yelp is a crowd-sourced review aggregator for local businesses where users can post pictures, maps and their opinions on local businesses such as restaurants, cafes, bookstores and others. While, yes Yelp has been accused in the past of receiving money to remove “bad” reviews, a yelp page can make or break a business in a matter of days. If your business is on Yelp, make sure you open an account there and monitor the reviews and make sure the information such as phone number, address and Facebook page are updated.

Facebook for Business

A great tool for small-to-medium business owners who want to use social media to drive new customers to their business. As a business owner it is likely that you want to keep your advertising budget fairly low and this is where social media comes in. Social media advertising can quickly transform your small business in a matter of weeks if used right. Facebook for Business is a fantastic blog that offers a great view into how to better advertise on Facebook and can also be used to learn how to drive new customers to your business.


Mailchimp is an email marketing service provider that as of 2015 has 8 million users that can be used to send newsletters, flash deals, advertising and more to your customer base. You can use Mailchimp to create several customized emails or personalized offers that can double as an advertising campaign. While Mailchimp is completely free to sign up for, some of the better features of it are worth paying for, and the price will vary depending on how many customers you need to reach over a period of time.