8 Ways Technology Can Make Life Better

Technology is always advancing. As it becomes a bigger part of our lives, people may feel like technology doesn’t have a place. However, the influence of technology can help many different parts of life. Technology can make life not only easier but more secure as well. It is easy to be uncertain about change but change can be for the better!

How Technology Can Make Your Life Easier

We are at the forefront of the technological revolution. What does that mean? Well we are the first set of people to experience all of the new technology that is coming out. Remember when pagers were invented? Well now we have smartphones. Technology is constantly advancing and can make your life easier more than you may realize with:

  • Better Healthcare
  • More Secure Online Payments
  • More Accessibility When Grocery Shopping
  • Better Safety
  • More Work from Home Opportunities
  • Easily Accessible Information
  • Bring Families Together
  • GPS Assistance

1. Improved Healthcare

One of the biggest benefits to technology is the fact that there have been improvements in healthcare. There are countless ways that technology has improved healthcare. There are so many that this article couldn’t even begin to cover them all! However, some of the best technological breakthroughs are with how people can monitor their health. Patients can monitor their blood sugar levels and pulse rate easily with technology. This can help people have a better understanding of their health and allow them to pay closer attention to issues they have.

2. More Secure Online Payments

There are plenty of ways that online payments are made more secure with technology. There are a variety of different systems in place. Some systems require a fingerprint in order to access the information, others rely on codes, etc. Regardless, this technology can help keep your information secure while making it easier to handle your money.

3. More Accessibility When Grocery Shopping

Not everyone is able to easily go to the grocery store. Busy mothers, people with disabilities, and others may not be able to get to the grocery store when they need to. That is why online shopping and curbside pickup can help! People can get their groceries online or through an app and can make the whole process easier to deal with.

4. Better Safety

Safety has always been an issue for people. That is why technology can be a great way to better protect yourself. There are apps like Noonlight (which used to be SafeTrek) that is connected to a safety platform and can trigger a request to emergency services if activated. Also advancements in home security systems, surveillance, and more have been able to help people in times of danger.

5. More Work from Home Opportunities

Technology is the reason that people have the ability to work from home and not go into an office. Working from home can not only be great for the people who actually work but it results in less gas being used, a reduced chance at being in an auto accident, and a lower carbon footprint! Instead of dealing with traffic, you can get your day started in the comfort of your own home.

6. Easily Accessible Information

Have you ever had a debate with somebody and want to easily fact check an issue? Are you in school and need help getting information for your project? The internet provides all of this! It is easy to do a quick online search and find detailed information about countless topics. This is not only great for instant gratification but it also can help as a free educational tool. This access can help people get the important information they need when they need it.

7. Bring Families Together

Families may live far apart or even be separated by a global pandemic. Regardless of the reason, technology can help bring families together. Texting can be easier than calling, there are video chats, and other online games that families can play together.

8. GPS Assistance

GPS can help drivers and walkers navigate the world. Instead of reading and relying on a physical map, technology can help people have a better idea of where they are going and how to get there. You can easily look up spots for food, healthcare, and shopping in an area that you plan on visiting all while having directions. GPS is an innovative piece of technology that has helped countless people.

Are There Downsides with Technology?

Just like anything in life there are both pros and cons. While technology is better for the greater good, there are still some drawbacks to be aware of that can help you better understand technology and how it impacts the lives of so many people. Some downsides include:

  • Easy to Spread Misinformation
  • Cyber Security Issues
  • Job Replacement

Easy to Spread Misinformation

Misinformation has been an issue for hundreds of years. However, technology makes it easier than ever to spread wrong information. Since the internet allows people from all over the world to connect, it can spread faster than ever. The only way to combat misinformation is through proper education and teaching people the tools to identify and fact check what they read.

Cyber Security Issues

Identity theft is nothing new. However, cyber security issues can pose a different threat. If a user puts their information into a database that belongs to a store, but then a hacker accesses that database, there is no way they can protect their information. It is up for the managers of those databases to be proactive in their protection but it is easier said than done.

Job Replacement

Manual labor may be a work field that could get smaller thanks to technology. Robots are starting to do the jobs of what humans used to do. This means the job market is changing. There are more opportunities for people to find jobs in tech and there may be less jobs that are easy to get like working at a fast food restaurant, working at a cafe, etc.


Technology can benefit people in countless ways. The advancements of society that technology has had are super helpful and can make life easier. However, just like anything in life, there are downsides to be aware of as well. Regardless of the downsides, technology can still be used as a tool for the greater good overall. Technology will be an important part of life for many people. That is why you should aim to learn about technology and how it can best benefit your life specifically!