Is Tech the Right Career Path for You?

Are you thinking about joining the tech industry soon? Maybe, you are not sure whether it is the right fit for you or not. You should not worry, since the tech industry is quite broad and there are many opportunities for you. Whether you plan on creating a website or protecting software from malware, the technology industry is an up-and-coming field that will help create the new future.

Types of Technology Career Paths

There are different types of technology career paths; it is a very diverse field of interest with a lot of career paths. You can be able to choose from many different fields and determine which is good for you. Each field of interest in technology refers to a different form of technology. This includes: computer support, networks and systems, cyber-security, and web development. If you are not interested in the aforementioned fields, then you should consider software development, mobile application developer, data, and cloud computing. As you can see, there are many options that you can choose from! Before you decide, you should figure out more details about each technology field of interest.

Computer Support

There are many starting phases when it comes to IT computer support. You will need a comprehensive understanding of the different concepts of computer operations. Once you have a general idea on each aspect of computer operations, then you can specialize in a narrower field of interest. Another alternative is to continue working in computer support and get promoted to management positions. Entry-level jobs for IT computer support are IT support technician, desktop support technician, or IT associate. As a senior in computer support, you will probably support and supervise entry-level jobs and their performance as employees. If you plan on taking on computer support as your career, then you should consider an entry-level IT certification to obtain all the skills you need.

Networks and Systems

As a network IT professional, you will work with any tasks and or hardware that are related to networks. The same applies to system professionals, where you will work with servers and computer systems. There is a possibility that you could start as an administrator or an analyst and then you work your way up to a network engineer or systems engineer. If you plan to start out in networks and systems technology, then you will need several certifications. This includes CompTIA Server+ or the Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA). Alternatively, you can start as a general IT professional and work your way toward a networks or systems specialty.


If you are considering a job in cyber-security, then you will be responsible for protecting computer software, devices, and sensitive information. Your job is to keep these components safe from data breaches, malware, or any unauthorized access. With technology on the rise, cyber-security is becoming one of the two main fields in technology that is on high demand. (In case you were wondering, the second field in technology is cloud computing.) If you plan on working in cyber security, then you will need to know the basics of cybersecurity. You could work on getting a CompTIA+ certificate or Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA) certifications.

Software Development

There is no device in the world that does not have software and software developers are responsible for creating it. Software developers design computer programs that users use to accomplish different kinds of tasks. This includes all streaming services from music to movies, your internet browsers, and even online video conference applications. Software development does not end there. With software development, you can pave the way to work in finance, video game development, and more! However, software development requires that you learn coding languages. You can start learning the most common ones, such as Java, Python, or Ruby. (Yes, those are coding languages.)

Web Development

Just like with software, there is no user in the world that does not use websites and web developers are responsible for creating it. Web developers design websites and applications that can be used in all types of devices. There are two different types of web developers, front-end developers and back-end developers. Front-end developers are responsible for the front-facing interfaces. On the other hand, back-end developers are responsible for the behind-the-scenes structure of the website. You can teach yourself web development or receive a degree in computer programming. However, most web development jobs consider experience as a priority over merit. You can take a course in a web programming language that will help you understand the basics of web development.

Mobile Application Development

Similar to software and web development, everyone is using a mobile application. From Snapchat to Trello, everyone’s a little addicted to a mobile application, one way or another. Mobile application developers are responsible to create and design new mobile applications or upgrade existing applications with new features. With mobile application development, there is a constant need for new and innovative applications to meet consumer needs. Now, people use mobile applications for everything, even security and banking transactions. If you plan on working as a mobile application developer, then you should consider learning the basics of web programming languages. (There are many similarities between web development and mobile application development, but you will create different interfaces.)

Data and Cloud Computing

With the rising popularity of technology, companies have access to unlimited amounts of data and personal information. This data includes information about their consumers, services, competitors, and other business components. Data is not a standard IT specialized field of interest. However, the increased demand in data skills will help you when you are looking for a job in technology. If you know how to work with data, then you can keep up with the hardware and security. All you will need to become a data technician is basic knowledge and background on IT support. If you want to go the extra mile, you can get a certificate in data analytics.

As for cloud computing, it is one of the two highest-demand industries in the IT field. If you plan on working in cloud computing, then you will need to know a lot about programming on cloud software platforms. Since it is a very delicate specialty, you will need to have cloud-specific knowledge and certificates.

How to Start a Career in Technology

With technology basically taking over the world, jobs in the technology industry are expected to significantly grow. Almost every company in the world will need to adapt to the future and you can help them do that! When you think of working in tech, your mind probably goes straight to the Google HQ. As fun as bean bags sound, there are many challenges that come with working in the tech industry. There are a few things you need to consider when you plan on starting a career in technology.

Stay Open to Continuous Learning

The one thing that you can count on in the technology industry is change. The technology industry is always changing and you will need to stay updated. You will need to accept the fact that your expertise and field of interest could become obsolete in a few years. This is why you need to be prepared to move on to the next big thing. You will also need to accept that you are continuously learning in the tech industry, since change takes place every day. It might sound like a lot of work, but it can be extremely rewarding. If you are excited about taking part in building the future, then you should definitely consider a career in tech.

Keep In Mind That Technology Moves at a Fast Pace with Big Rewards

As mentioned above, there is constant change in the tech industry. This means that technology is a fast-paced industry. Furthermore, the fast pace of a tech career means that you have a bigger chance of growing your career in a short period of time. With the tech industry, an internship can turn into a permanent job in a blink of an eye. The competitive nature of tech careers and the thorough interviews you will go through with tech companies sounds like a small price to pay for growing your career in a short period of time.

You Do Not Need to Be a Tech-Wizard to Work in Technology

In the tech industry, you do not only need technical skills. Soft skills are very important in the tech industry. Not only that, you will not need technical skills that are specific to one field. Since the tech industry is broad, you can start off with a basic understanding of technology and learn your way to a specialty. It is unrealistic for you to have knowledge on all tech specialties, so you should stick to the basics and see where it leads you.

Remote Work is a Big Part of Technology Careers

In the tech industry, you should not expect a 9-5 desk job. Most tech careers are driven by objectives and not by working hours. As an example, many developers work under deadlines without standard working hours. The company you work with will determine the work arrangements. However, most tech careers support employees to manage their time and prioritize their tasks independently, so they can handle working under deadlines.

Diversity is Important in Technology

There is a lot of diversity in the tech industry. It does not matter what you look like. If you have the brains for it, then you are in. You will find people from all walks of life working in the tech industry. This would be a good opportunity to meet all kinds of people and understand different cultures.

Conclusion: Is Tech the Right Career Path for You?

In conclusion, the tech industry could be a right career path for you. It all depends on you. You can be able to decide whether you should choose the tech industry as your field, depending on your expertise and your openness to new things. Additionally, you will need to be prepared for the continuous learning and the constant change in the tech industry. It might be hard, but it can be really rewarding in the long-run.